Love ALL of your Parenting Experience!

Raise self-disciplined and emotionally stable children.

It only takes 6 weeks to change the rest of your parenting experience. Put an end to power struggles. Streamline discipline. Know when and how to show up for your child. Get on the same page with your partner. Cultivate the relationship with your child you dreamed of and spend more time watching him/her grow!

Social proof: testimonials

“Hi Helen! I've been wanting to tell you that I remember your words to me that you didn't struggle raising your boys. I was amazed AND determined to find out how I could do that too. Long story short, I've been laying down the law and giving the boys the choice to either follow our rules or accept the consequences of choosing not to. ...It works like a charm! No arguing, raising voices, thinking of consequences, etc. It is all done in the moment and has helped tremendously. Thank you.”

Linda S.


What you can expect to learn

  • Conquer Fears

    Fear can be a powerful motivator to act. However, when you act out of fear you tend to get more to be afraid of. Stop being afraid of messing up and focus on your strengths. You got this!!

  • Partnership

    Get on the same page with your partner by agreeing to which behaviors require intervention and how to intervene.

  • Become the Authority Figure

    Once you understand what it takes to become your child's authority figure your child will let you parent. Bye-Bye power struggles! Hello joy!


Helen Hicks, MA, LPC, MBA

Senior Instructor

I am a licensed professional counselor and have been in the behavioral health field for over 25 years. The first half of my career was spent working with children and adolescents in group homes, treatment facilities and in the community. The second half of my career has focused on growing my private practice. In addition to the wealth of knowledge I acquired from my profession as a masters level counselor, I am also the mother of five sons. They range in ages 28 to 12. Approximately half of my parenting experience has been as a single mother so I understand the struggles both partnered and single parents endure. I received my Bachelor degree in Psychology from CSU, Fresno, my Master degree in Counseling Psychology from National University, Fresno and my MBA from SNHU.

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  • Is the course live or recorded?

    The weekly class will be a cohort, which means we will meet live, every week for 6 weeks. Should you miss the live class a recorded copy of the class will be available for viewing the next day.

  • Can I complete the course in less than 6 weeks?

    No. Working ahead is not advised and therefore not allowed. Staying with the class is encouraged so you clearly understand the lessons and build a supportive community.

  • Can I communicate with other members from the group outside of class?

    Yes. Each class will have access to the Community page. This will allow you to reach out to ask questions or provide feedback to others.

  • Is there a money back guarantee?

    Yes. Thinkific provides a 30 day money back guarantee.